The future of AR/VR and interactivity in packaging

NVC was founded in 1953, so in 2017 we celebrated our 64th anniversary. The General Meeting of Members (GMM) 2017 took place on Thursday 30 November at the phenomenal Planetarium Amsterdam.

Like every year, the GMM combined two consecutive events at the same location: the Members-only Meeting (‘MoM’) and the Open Access Meeting (‘OaM’).

The Open Meeting was arguably the world’s 1st live event on AR/VR and interactive packaging. We started with a ‘welcome address’ and a short intro about the basic AR/VR principles. Subsequently, the participants enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner in the evening while experiencing no less than nineteen AR/VR interactive packaging showcases yourself! Click here for the programme.

You can still virtually visit this inspiring meeting!
VRanky the walk-around robot has made a 360° video that allows you to (re)visit this meeting in Virtual Reality. For the ultimate experience, you can make use of the special NVC lightweight VR-glasses!

Click here for your visit to the NVC Night at the Planetarium Amsterdam.
Click here for an extra instruction how to use your smartphone in combination with the VR-glasses.

If the 360° video doesn't work on you phone, it might help to install the official YouTube app.