Winner Bronzen Noot (Bronze) 2016 - GreeNest

GreeNest is an innovative pack that is made out of 50% natural grass and 50% recycled paper fibres. It is a product that gives a new dimension to the biobased packaging that consumers, supermarkets and governments desire.

The grass fibres are treated with an innovative process that makes them suitable for the application in the production process. This process is known as the BeeGreen project, which was funded in 2014 by the Dutch RVO. The BeeGreen project is a collaborative project of Staatsbosbeheer (supplier of natural grass), NewFoss (converts grass to fibre) and Huhtamaki Molded Fiber (processing and producing egg packaging).

It is a breakthrough in the use of alternative fibres for the paper industy. There are several known projects in the paper industry where grass is used in cardboard boxes at levels of a maximum of 10%. GreeNest is the first commercially launched packaging in which no less than 50% of the wood fibres have been replaced by natural grass fibres.

Registrant: Huhtamaki Molded Fiber Netherlands B.V.

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