General Course Conditions

General Course Conditions
Vereniging Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum NVC
with offices at Stationsplein 9k in Gouda
filed with the District Court in Utrecht
on 16 January 1997 under number 9/1997. 

Paragraph 1
The term internal company training and external company training shall also be taken to mean workshops, practical training, study days, courses, conferences whether or not organised in collaboration with third parties and whether or not provided by NVC under the name NVC Opleidingen.

Paragraph 2
NVC reserves the right to cancel the concluded agreement in the event of insufficient participation, at the sole discretion of NVC. NVC will immediately notify the client/buyer/participant thereof in writing. Any payments already made by the client/buyer/participant to NVC will be refunded by NVC.

Paragraph 3
Should the client/buyer/participant be unable to come, the client/buyer/participant may have a colleague participate in his or her place provided that such colleague has a certificate of registration.

Paragraph 4
Unless the brochure of NVC or the supply agreement states otherwise, the following arrangement applies top cancellation by the client/buyer/participant. The client/buyer/participant may cancel the internal or external company training up to three weeks prior to the date on which the training is to be held and/or will commence. Cancellation shall take place by registered letter. The date of receipt of the registered letter by NVC is decisive for determining the time of cancellation. In the event of cancellation up to three weeks prior to the date of the event, NVC will be entitled to charge 15% of the administrative costs with a minimum of 45 Euros excluding VAT. In the event of cancellation within three weeks prior to the date of the event, the full fee shall be payable.

Paragraph 5
Unless this is stated otherwise in the NVC brochure, the prices offered by NVC are including coffee, tea and - as appropriate - aperitif and lunch. Unless stated otherwise, this price also includes the course material to be handed out to the client/buyer/participant during the internal or external company training.

Paragraph 6
In the event of late payment, NVC reserves the right to deny the client/buyer/participant access to the internal and/or external company training.

Paragraph 7
The client/buyer/participant may only use the course material for themselves and their own use. The client/buyer/participant warrants that these conditions will be imposed on the participants.

Paragraph 8
NVC explicitly reserves the right to deviate from the order and/or content of the programme indicated in written announcements/brochures.

Paragraph 9
NVC reserves the right to exclude participants who, because of their conduct or otherwise hamper and/or impede the normal course of the internal and/or external company training also taking into account the interest of the other participants. In this case, exclusion shall not affect the obligation to pay the course fee by the client/buyer/participant.