Renewed NVC information service on packaging focuses on reliability

04 October 2018

The NVC Members-only Update (MOU) is celebrating its tenth anniversary since its introduction in 2008 with a series of innovative adaptions. Central to this is the reliability of business information in packaging. The MOU is a unique service, provided on a monthly basis, for those with a professional need for an up-to-date global overview of developments in the field of packaging. The MOU supports NVC member companies worldwide in making optimal business decisions on packaging.

The reliability of information is increasingly in the news. The amount of fake news, information manipulated and stimulated by internet trolls or news algorithms, is increasing. Reliable information is paramount for the packaging world now and in the future.

When the NVC was founded in 1953 it was already considered of great importance to support the provision of information to the sector. For example, in paragraph 3a. of the articles of association ‘collating and processing information relating directly or indirectly to anything connected to packaging, in the widest interpretation of the words' is first on the list of association activities.

The new MOU has been made more accessible in terms of content through a new design and is easy to print for off-line use. A groundbreaking feature is the new MOU NVC Café: one week after the publication of each edition, MOU readers can participate in the discussion in this live online environment, with the editor-in-chief of the MOU. Thus, as an association, NVC forms a unique network via the MOU NVC Café to test the reliability of published, unpublished and possibly yet to be published business packaging information.

The first edition of the renewed MOU will be published on 25 October 2018.

Fact or Fake? The renewed NVC Members-only Update focuses on the reliability of business information in packaging (Photo: iStock)

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