Unique Euregio event addresses the future of packaging materials

09 October 2015

On November 26th, 2015 a unique event in the centre of the Euregio will take place, addressing the long-term future of packaging materials in general, including the inks used for packaging print. Where and when will these materials interact and how do we optimise the synergy in their future applications? How do we secure a responsible supply of safe packaging materials, taking all the future recycling and renewing technologies into account? These questions will be addressed in an interactive programme providing insights in the main packaging materials, with a range of interactive work-outs addressing their common future.

Location is the Continium Discovery Centre in Kerkrade, with its adjacent brand new Cube Design Museum and amazing Columbus Earth Theatre. Kerkrade is in the centre of the Euregio, within 2 hrs driving distance from cities like Düsseldorf (Germany), Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium).

The event is organised by NVC in combination with its 62th Annual Members Meeting (NVC was founded in 1953). The programme starts at 4 PM and ends 6.30 PM. Subsequently, participants may join a special guided tour at The Columbus Earth Theatre and a concluding Walking Dinner at the top-floor of the Cube Design Museum. Both are closed that evening for the general public.

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