Unique conference on business education in packaging stimulates EU-knowledge economy

04 December 2014

On Thursday April 23rd, 2015 the 1st European Conference on the Future of Business Education in Packaging will take place. Every second, 100.000 products are packaged and distributed globally by industry and retail – and unpacked by the end-user. For Europe, the estimate is 25.000 products each second. This makes packaging one of the most intensely discussed and complex activities of our times, with tens of thousands of professionals daily involved. How does the European industry nurture the talents within the organisation and how do we implement the life-long education and training of the ageing knowledge workers in packaging?

This one-day conference tries to find answers, connects industry with education and training institutes and provides a concise view on how to maintain an agile workforce in the field of packaging to the benefit of industry, education institutes and society as a whole.

Date and location
The conference will take place on Thursday April 23rd, 2015 from 10 AM - 6 PM at The Gallery in Enschede The Netherlands. The Gallery is located at Twente University, home of the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management.

For whom?
The conference addresses the needs of managers in HRM and in other functions responsible for or involved in the development of skills, know-how and knowledge of the workforce in the field of packaging within their company.

Students at higher education institutes in Europe and NVC Packaging Professionals have free access to the conference. Please send an email to Irma Walstra.

The conference is a unique and attractive platform for organisations offering business education and training in packaging. Please contact Charissa Koolen for more information.

Research study
A research study is being performed, examining the needs of business for attracting, maintain and nurturing talent in packaging. The results will be presented at the conference.

The full programme will be published February 1st, 2015. For information, contact Michael Nieuwesteeg (phone: +31-182-512411).

More information
For more information please contact info@nvc.nl or call +31(0)182-512411.