NVC publishes unique World Review on Supply Chain Applications of RFID and Sensors in Packaging

31 October 2012

Tuesday November 13th, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre will publish its unique overview report describing the potential of RFID and sensors in packaging for a wide range of supply chain applications. The NVC World Review is the culmination of the NVC-activities in this field over the past decade. These include participation in the worldwide ISO standards development, a scientific study on RFID and sustainability as compared to conventional barcodes and the PASTEUR-project which succeeded in the development of an integrated chip-sensor technology platform for future supply chain applications.

Location, date and time
Hi Europe Exhibition (Frankfurt, Germany)
Industry Insights Theatre
Tuesday November 13th
1 PM

Within the PASTEUR-project a group of companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Spain are working together to develop a “sensor enabled RFID tag”. With this RFID-tag the environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, relative humidity and concentrations of certain gases) can be monitored. By integrating sensor technology, embedded power and RFID technology it should become possible to create a quick, cheap and efficient way to monitor the environmental conditions in the conditioned supply chain.

Ger Standhardt, NVC manager Knowledge Development and Projects, g.standhardt@nvc.nl

Background information (not for publication)
NVC (founded in 1953) is a unique association in the field of packaging, with a network of 14.000 individuals and more than 550 member companies. The NVC membership, education programme and information services offer support in sustainable packaging innovation.