NVC lecture ‘Why Europe needs France – and France needs Europe – in packaging’ at EMBALLAGE 2014

10 September 2014

On Wednesday November 19th NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre will, together with Comexposium, be organising a lecture in Pack Vision (hall 6) at the international packaging exhibition EMBALLAGE in Paris about the cooperation in packaging between France and other European countries: ‘Why Europe needs France – and France needs Europe – in packaging’.

Packaging is temporarily integrating an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. France plays an important role in packaging based on its position in a range of important sectors of product manufacturing, logistics, retailing and packaging manufacturing. Even more important, France is globally known for its cultural heritage and associated views on design and quality.

This lecture elaborates on the synergies between France and the whole of Europe, addresses the current situation and probes into the future of packaging from a French-European and European-French perspective.

EMBALLAGE will be held at Paris Nord Villepinte from 17th to 20th November 2014. EMBALLAGE will welcome 1,500 exhibitors and 100,000 professional visitors.
EMBALLAGE is a generalist exhibition and has a unique and complete offering: process and packaging machines, primary materials, consumables and films, identification, traceability, marking, coding machines, secondary, tertiary and shipping machines, converting, printing packaging and labelling, packaging and containers (cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, wood).
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More information
For more information about the lecture, please contact Michael Nieuwesteeg, m.nieuwesteeg@nvc.nl, +31-(0)182-512411.