New interactive diploma strengthens global bonds between qualified packaging professionals

30 June 2015

On Tuesday afternoon June 30th, 2015 the graduation ceremony took place of the diplomas NVC Packaging Professional I and II for those students who successfully completed the exams in the past twelve months. The festive meeting took place in the amazing Lichtfabriek (Light Factory), in the ancient City of Gouda, The Netherlands. Eighteen business students are now qualified NVC Packaging Professional and their names are added to the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals, bringing the total number to 592. In terms of the European Qualifications Framework for Life Long Learning EQF the diplomas are valued at level EQF5 and EQF6, respectively. The examination is managed by an independent foundation: the Stichting NVC Examens, which is supervised by Stichting Examenkamer.

A worldwide novelty is the implementation of a new technology in the diploma, enabling graduates to access the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals online and also providing them with the opportunity to share their great achievement with their online contacts. Key-aspect is the NVC Register Access (RA) Code: an interactive QR Code which is printed onto the Diploma and which can also be used in an online environment like LinkedIn or Facebook. The RA Code has been developed by Stichting NVC Examens in cooperation with BooM creatives from the City of The Hague, The Netherlands.

This fall the new groups will start for both successful NVC Course Programmes in Packaging, welcoming students from all over Europe.

NVC congratulates the following 18 participants with obtaining their diploma NVC Packaging Professional I:
Eun Leij, Mus Verpakkingen BV; Ivi Kalyvioti, H.J. Heinz BV Heinz Innovation Center; Erik Lentink, Coroos Productie B.V; Hans Berkman, InnovioPapers BV; Karolina Papiernik, NNZ bv Groningen; Rebeca Resano, H.J. Heinz; Merle Welker, Fasten BV; Rachel Perring, H.J. Heinz BV Heinz Innovation Center; Karin Helmer, Martyn Graat, ASG The Netherlands; Lucas Westerik, Schut Packaging bv; Jos van Dal, McCall InterTrade; Suzanne van Dijk, Peijnenburg’s Koekfabrieken BV; Natascha van Beerendonk, Delicia BV; Leon van Bemmel, MLF BV; Géan Herrema, FrieslandCampina Domo; Peter Koning, Hordijk Verpakkingsindustrie BV; Laura Ducaat, Bel Leerdammer B.V.

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