Daily NVC Innovation Tours at pharma packaging show InnoPack 2015

08 October 2015

Just like the last two editions, NVC organises daily Innovation Tours at the InnoPack 2015 in Madrid. These tours give you an overview of the main pharmaceutical packaging innovations at the InnoPack. Instead of the same tour each day, this year there will be a different tour every day. The tours start at 12:30 PM at the Pharma Forum. Each tour lasts approximately one hour and will conclude with a general question and answer session.

October 13th: Packaging Innovations for liquid medicines
The NVC Innovation Tour on Tuesday the 13th of October focuses on packaging innovations for liquid medicines. The tour covers a variety of packaging innovations from aerosols to syringes and from bottles to folding cartons.

October 14th: General Packaging Innovations
On Wednesday the 14th of October the general tour takes place. This tour covers innovations that have an impact on pharmaceutical packaging in general.

October 15th: Packaging Innovations for solid medicines
The final tour, on Thursday the 15th of October, focuses on packaging innovations specifically for medicines in solid form, like tablets and powders. The suppliers we visit in this tour vary from folding carton manufacturers to suppliers of flexible packaging material.

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