NVC Workshop Packaging according to the ADR (in Dutch)

The workshop

This workshop is no longer run by the NVC.

In this workshop you learn to use the ADR and to understand the requirements that this regulation sets for packaging dangerous goods. After finishing this workshop you are able to determine how to package a dangerous substance or mixture. Also, you can deduct important information about the product from the packaging and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and determine whether the product has been packaged correctly.

This workshop is CEDEO-certified, as are the other NVC courses. The NVC is also ‘recognized service provider’ in Flanders concerning the pillar Education.

For whom

The workshop is mainly intended for quality controllers, purchasers, Environment, Safety and Health controllers and Packaging professionals who are working at companies that buy or sell dangerous goods or package dangerous goods.


Overview legislation

  • Overview of legislation concerning transportation and storage of dangerous goods (ADR, ADN, RID, IMDG, CLP (EU-GHS) and PGS15) .
  • Highlights of the ADR: classification, use of the substance list, packaging instructions, guidelines for judging packaging.
  • Case studies: finding references in the ADR.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Packaging requirements from the ADR

  • Packaging groups, packaging types, materials and risks.
  • Overview with examples of packaging/packaged products.

Recognising packaging groups

  • Judging packaged products in practise.
  • Assignment with case studies: judge examples of packaged products


After completing this workshop with adequate participation effort, you will receive the NVC certificate ‘NVC Workshop Packaging according to the ADR’.