NVC Webinar The future of packaging for e-commerce

The webinar

The activity of packaging significantly contributes to the rapid growth of e-commerce worldwide, which now accounts for about 5% of total retail. Packaging for e-commerce is called Web Retail Packaging WRP.
How is the global WRP future taking shape and which factors may pose unforeseen opportunities or threats to the sustained development of the e-commerce sector and packaging? These questions are addressed in this unique online one-hour webinar.

For whom?

This webinar is intended for professionals in e-commerce, purchasing, logistics, design and the development of packaging and packaged products in e-commerce and manufacturing.


This webinar covers the following subjects:


Michael Nieuwesteeg is managing director of the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre and secretary of the NVC International Working Group on Web Retail Packaging.


The next webinar takes place on 01 January 1970.


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