NVC Minisymposium Robotisation and automation in packaging: part 2 (in Dutch)

The robotisation and automation in packaging is gaining importance both in the food and the non-food industry. The trends and opportunities are addressed in two interrelated NVC meetings. The first meeting took place at NVC member company Bel Leerdammer on November 8th and focussed on the packaging of food. This second meeting addresses the serialisation of products to increase the transparency in the supply chain. Also the challenge to combine efficiency and flexibility will be analysed. We conclude with a plenary discussion on the future opportunities, integrating the insights obtained during the two days.
Both meetings are intended for managers and members of staff with responsibilities production, automation, robotisation, product development and quality, both in the food and the non-food sector. NVC members and delegates of the first meeting have free entrance. Others pay €169,-.

12.00hrs Welcome and lunch

12.30hrs Introduction both meetings on Robotisation and automation in packaging, Ger Standhardt, Manager Knowledge Development and Projects, NVC

13.00hrs Serialisation and automation in product packaging: getting started, Frits Touw, Project Manager, VM Engineering and Jan de Haan, Pro-Fa

13.45hrs Efficiency and flexibility in packaging sensitive and other products: the importance of robotisation and automation, Hans Lenos, Technical Sales Manager, PWR Pack

14.30hrs Break

14.45hrs Plenary discussion with joined conclusions on both meetings on robotisation and automation in packaging
- Quality and hygiene in the food industry
- Serialisation and the transparent supply chain  
- Efficiency, flexibility and cost

15.45hrs Conclusion