Graduation ceremony NVC Packaging Professional 2024

On 25 June from 4:00PM CEST the graduation ceremony for the graduates of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I will take place.

At the graduation ceremony, all graduates from the NVC Course Programme in Packaging who pass the exam in 2024 will receive their diploma NVC Packaging Professional in the presence of their fellow graduates, their colleagues, family members, trainers of NVC Education and representatives of the Stichting NVC Examens.

The names of the NVC Packaging Professionals will be conducted in the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals, which currently contains almost 750 names.

The diploma ceremony takes place Live Hybrid, which means that everyone can choose to attend either physically or online. If you would like to attend the ceremony (either online or in person), please fill in the registration form or contact Irma Walstra.

A new group of the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I (Live Hybrid) will start on 20 March 2024.