Berlin Packaging Netherlands B.V. Wijchen

Address Bijsterhuizen 2401
Postcode / City 6604 LK WIJCHEN
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)85-10 60 360

Alpha Packaging International is an independently operating sales office of Alpha Packaging USA. We are responsible for sales and distribution of their products outside the USA and Canada. Apart from our sales office, there are three distribution centres in the Netherlands as well as in Germany and England, from which products are shipped

We offer packaging solutions for any possible product you wish to offer in plastic or glass bottles or jars. Real solutions, taking into account not just practical use, but also sustainability, design, and of course cost. Finding solutions for you from concept to distribution is our standard.

Thinking along with you has, among other things, led to the start of a PET production facility in the Netherlands in 2010. This allows us to service the European market even better and more efficiently. There is also an HDPE production line in Belgium. Just like PET, HDPE products are recyclable, so they fit into any sustainability policy.

Furthermore, Alpha Packaging International is part of a group of companies fully committed to high-quality, innovative packaging. Together with Oosterbeek Packaging, specialising in packaging cosmetics, and Maer Flexibles Europe, which produces a wide range of flexible packaging, we are able to find packaging solutions for virtually any product.

These are some of the reasons why our packaging is used all over the world by, among others, the pharmaceutical, the personal care, and the food and beverages industries.