Rycobel NV

Address Nijverheidslaan 47
Postcode / City B-8540 DEERLIJK
Country Belgium
Phone +32-(0)56-782170
Fax +32-(0)56-773040
E-mail info@rycobel.nl
Website www.rycobel.nl

Rycobel brings competitive advantage by supplying and maintaining equipment to measure and improve product characteristics. 

Rycobel offers solutions for a host of technical problems on the shop floor
  • optimising compressed air applications
  • industrial drying and cleaning systems
  • surface treatments
  • fenders and construction systems for port applications
  • air humidification and dehumidification
Rycobel supplies customised test equipment from various sectors:

  • test equipment for transport and packaging
  • test equipment for accelerated degeneration and colourfastness
  • test equipment for external exposure
  • physical testing equipment
  • testing equipment for the textile industry
  • equipment for optical and surface measurement
  • test equipment for the beverage and food industry