Dijkstra Plastics BV

Address Bedrijvenpark Twente 96
Postcode / City 7602 KD ALMELO
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)88-2402400
Fax +31-(0)88-2402440
E-mail info@rdplastics.nl
Website www.rdplastics.nl

Since 1977 Dijkstra Plastics specializes in making packaging containers. To this day, it is a family business, where solution-oriented thinking and reliability towards the customers are points of focus. Dijkstra Plastics is one of the largest and leading companies in this field in Europe. The packaging containers, which are produced by Dijkstra Plastics from 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP), find their application in both the food and non-food sector. Known are Remia sauce buckets or large paint buckets that most of us do use ourselves. But these packaging containers are also used for packaging pet food, pharmaceuticals, popcorn, salads, fertilizers, meat products, road salt and many more.


In 2013 Auke Dijkstra took over from his father Rienk Dijkstra. 'Auke wanted Dijkstra Plastics to grow further. In 2016 it was decided to acquire HK Plastics. Another family business from Twente, which have already done complementary work and by merging these two companies we have significantly increased the industrial scale. And for customers, we have become even more important. We currently have two production sites. In addition, this acquisition has also boosted the sustainability goals. Not only because we have to go for our customers, but also because we want to. Our factories use 100% green electricity. And we invest in new, more energy efficient machines and processes. In addition, we also try to include our customers in the sustainability of the entire chain. We work towards the circularity of packaging. Then there is no more waste phase, because that means throwing something away or incinerated and that is a terrible shame. We see used packaging not as waste but as the basis for a new raw material, for new buckets. That is circularity in optima forma.'