Coster Benelux & Scandinavia B.V.

Address Pascalweg 3
Postcode / City 8013 RC ZWOLLE
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)38-4652080
Fax +31-(0)38-4657076

Excellence & quality since 1963

Coster Tecnologie Speciali offers substantial manufacturing and distribution capabilities, addressing all segments of the market with complete ranges of the following standard and customized products:

  • Aerosol valves;
  • Actuators and spray caps;
  • Spray pumps, perfumery pumps and dispensers;
  • Pharmaceutical components;
  • Filling machines and lines.

In addition, Coster offers significant design resources to its customers, many of whom are multinational firms operating in diverse consumer markets with a range of well-known brands.

Today, Coster Group designers and production engineers routinely work with Group customers to develop actuators and spray caps that combine precise engineering and manufacturing specifications with marketing-led packaging and design requirements, offering integrated aerosol solutions: packaging components + filling machines + formulations.