IGT Testing Systems

Address Randstad 22-02
Postcode / City 1316 BX ALMERE
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)20-4099300
Fax +31-(0)20-4099339
E-mail info@igt.nl
Website www.igt.nl

IGT Testing Systems is an independent company, headquartered in Almere, The Netherlands. It is the successor of the world-renowned TNO Institute for the Graphic Techniques, which started in 1939. IGT has affiliates in the USA, Singapore and Japan.

IGT Testing Systems specializes on several activities:

  • Development, manufacturing and marketing of printability testing equipment and tack testing instruments for the worldwide paper industry, printing industry, graphical arts, plastic-, paint, ink and coating industry.
  • Quality control and test services for buyers and users of new or used printing presses, based on the IGT print test forms or other forms. The world-renowned IGT printing test form is available for black and white and color printing.
  • Consultancy services in the general field of print, printing presses, digital print and copy, printed matters, disputes etc.
  • Customized, on demand research and development in the field of printability and tack testing and special equipment in this field.

IGT Testing Systems participates actively in:
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