Jaarbeurs B.V.

Address Jaarbeursplein 6
Postcode / City 3521 AL UTRECHT
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)30-2952999
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E-mail paul.verdult@jaarbeurs.nl
Website www.ict-en-logistiek.nl


A better and smart “digital” world where companies in the logistics sector reinforce each other efficiently.


ICT & Logistics / Logistica gives direction to ideas and thoughts of companies and individuals regarding innovative applications in logistics. In doing so, these brands contribute to bringing parties together and the realization of logistical breakthrough projects with ICT as an 'enabling' factor.

The basis for this vision is the current development from logistics chains to logistics networks in Europe. Due to the increasing demands from the market and society, shippers are increasingly forced to deliver custom-made goods to the consumer in a flexible manner and in an increasingly shorter lead time. Key words here are sensitivity (feeling in time and knowing what the individual consumer wants) and responsiveness (responding quickly to the wishes of the individual consumer), while good communication is a precondition.

The next edition of ICT & Logistics is November 4 & 5 2020 and Logistica will be held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht in November 2021.