Sealed Air B.V.

Address Lindenhoutseweg 45
Postcode / City 6545 AH NIJMEGEN
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)24-3710135
Fax +31-(0)24-3710101

Sealed Air is the new leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. Sealed Air offers efficient and sustainable solutions that create business value for customers, enhance the quality of life for consumers and provide a cleaner and healthier environment for future generations. 

Sealed Air is committed to pursuing the most environmentally sound practices throughout its product range and our design specialists use their expertise to ensure that a minimum amount of material is used in all designs, whilst maintaining optimum performance to ensure the product arrives at its destination undamaged. High performance cushioning and innovative design reduces shipping costs using, less space, fewer trucks and less carbon emissions.

Your partner for innovative packaging solutions with more than 30 global ISTA certified packaging design centres.