Plato product consultants

Address Oude Delft 51
Postcode / City 2611 BC DELFT
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)15-2132152
Fax +31-(0)15-2126164

Plato product consultants designs and engineers packaging en helps companies to solve packaging relatied problems. The combination of creativity and technological knowledge in this field have lead to very innovative solutions like the Orbit (the 1-2 open) lid that HAK is using on their jars (Gouden Noot 2012) and to the latch ring of Ardagh (nominated for the Gouden Noot 2014). 

Glass bottles, PET bottles, thermoform and injection moulded packaging, folding boxboard cartons, shipper cartons, closures and lids, are just some examples of the many packaging that Palto have worked on. Problems like bad closing, seal leakages, low efficiency on the line are also part of the expertise of Plato. 
One of the partners is part time professor Packaging Design and Management at University of Twente.
Plato's knowledge and creativity is the base for more than ten patents.