Meilink Eindhoven B.V.

Address Boschdijk 760
Postcode / City 5624 CL EINDHOVEN
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)40-2647200

Our mission is both simple and wide-ranging at the same time: we ensure that your industrial products reach the user’s site in perfect condition, ready for efficient installation. We achieve that by cherishing your products and your added value.

Our strategic vision is that the speed and complexity of the development process for industrial products will continue to increase. That trend requires an integral chain approach to packaging materials. IPS meets this need perfectly by developing and testing packaging materials in our ISTA certified test lab and various techniques for assembly, shipping and disassembly. And the fact that IPS is one of the market leaders proves how successful we are at what we do. Success that we have achieved through craftsmanship and our minutely detailed ‘supply chain concept’: even before our customer develops a product, we analyse how that product can be shipped to the end-user’s production site without any loss of value. We understand our customers’ wants and needs in this area and create appropriate and intelligent solutions that are effective, user-friendly, cost-effective and efficient.