Lennart Group B.V.

Address De Eilanden 15
Postcode / City 2662 AN BERGSCHENHOEK
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0) 618887010
E-mail info@lennartgroup.nl
Website www.lennartgroup.nl

Our co-founders have a dream of creating values for their employees, customers, and environment. That’s why we met in Rotterdam to create a company to make our dreams come true. Each co-founder has had different expertise in different fields for many years. We have the marketing, engineering, and managing talents in one basket. Our mentality is to create high technology machinery and products to boost environmental sustainability. Together with its clients, Lennart Group B.V. works towards achieving clear competitive advantages and upgrading company value over the long term. Our customers are our partners. Our mission is to reach zero plastics in all packaging industries. All developments are for sustainable packaging products to create value for our customers and humanity.

Lennart Group B.V 's latest innovation with Ecosafe Barrier LLC - Ecosafe Barrier Coating Machines will help the packaging industry to eliminate plastics. Lennart Group will supply both machines and sustainable water base coatings ( FDA APPROVED ) - ( Water Barrier - Heat Seal - Oil Barrier - Oxygen - MWTR - PRIME )

Our machineries are listed below ;

1 ) EcoSafe Barrier Coating Machines -

2 ) Paper Straw Machine

3 ) Box Blanking/Stripping Machine

4 ) Zeus Ultrasonics for packaging - medical - textile indutries