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PTIS, LLC is a leading business and technology management company focused on Creating Value Through Packaging © and helping clients throughout the packaging value chain develop long term packaging strategies and programs. PTIS, recognized for foresight, thought leadership, and the success of their 20 year Future of Packaging program, helps companies achieve and incorporate these elements into their innovation programs, e-commerce, holistic productivity, sustainability, holistic design, and consumer/ retail insights related to packaging.

PTIS services include work in:

  • Holistic Cost Saving & Productivity – Optimizing packaging & productivity total systems cost from concept to commercialization, identifying opportunities beyond “low hanging fruit”
  • Package Processing and Automation – Packaging equipment & processing, multiyear Asset Strategy aligned with brand, product and supply chain strategies, line integration, digital technologies, root cause analysis and trouble shooting
  • Supplier, Co-pack and Technology Landscapes – Focused, informed & proprietary research & tools identify critical emerging packaging insights and resources, leveraging our global expert network and IBM Watson intelligence capabilities
  • Global Sustainability and Risk Management – Unbiased expertise on issues, regulations, anticipatory issues and impacts: Food waste, safety, security, product:package interaction and exposure mitigation
  • Navigating Omni-Channel and E-Commerce – Provide packaging understanding and insights across current and emerging retail channels, identifying issues and opportunities
  • Strategic Value Chain Insights – PTIS Pulse and Custom projects and programs: Sharing our knowledge means you will always be prepared to prioritize and navigate your future
  • Packaging Opportunity Identification – Identifying new packaging-led ways to deliver business and brand value
  • Project and Program Management – Providing qualified & highly experienced resources to drive projects, programs and specification services
  • Future of Packaging - a comprehensive multi-sponsor research program exploring global change and opportunity in packaging. Begin in early 2019, and offers a view to 2030