UPM Raflatac

Address Olympia 1
Postcode / City 1213 NS HILVERSUM
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)35-6926600
Website www.upmraflatac.com

UPM Raflatac is a leading global supplier of pressure sensitive labeling solutions. Our films and papers are used for product and information labeling across a wide range of end-uses – from pharmaceuticals and security to food and beverage applications. 

UPM Raflatac paper and film laminates are delivered in rolls and sheets. Our customers include large and small label printers who focus on roll-to-roll printing, and packaging providers. We also provide sheet products for offset and screen printers in the graphics industry, which are distributed by paper merchants in Europe. 

Facts & figures

  • We employ 3,0​00 people.
  • Our annual sales are EUR 1.4 billion.
  • We manage 10 factories and a wide network of sales offices and distribution terminals worldwide.
  • We sell label stock products in both rolls and sheets.
  • Our parent company is UPM – The Biofore Company.