The LCA Centre BV

Address Zilverwerf 17
Postcode / City 6641 TC BEUNINGEN
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)88-2222410

Do you know the environmental impact of your packaging?


The LCA Centre specializes in the Life Cycle Assessment of packaging and disposable products. We can help in establishing your product’s environmental impact so as credible environmental claims can be made. Our LCA method is supported by the Dutch environmental NGO Natuur&Milieu.

The LCA Centre provides you with:

  • Material analysis for a credible LCA input
  • LCA calculation based on 19 environmental impact factors indicators
  • Comparing the environmental impact of two or more packaging and disposable items
  • Justification of the environmental claim statements
  • Assistance in the development of packaging and disposables with lower environmental impact (eco innovation)
  • Consultancy and advise on environmental issues related to packaging and disposables
  • Life cycle thinking training

The LCA Centre is a part of Paardekooper Van der Windt Group