DG press

Address Hallseweg 21
Postcode / City 6964 AJ HALL
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)313-671911
Fax +31-(0)313-671919
E-mail info@dgpress.nl
Website www.dgpress.nl

DG press is manned with the key and experienced people of the former Drent Goebel engineering, service and spares department.

DG press' mission is to provide the best services for web offset printing equipment and build web offset printing machines which fulfill the customers' production needs. By an extensive range of services DG press strives to be a superior and reliable partner.

DG press is the specialist in engineering, installation, servicing and maintaining Drent-Goebel printing presses and building new web offset presses for printing on paper, foil and board. The Vision and Thallo web offset press can be used for a varietey of products: flexible packaging, security print, labels, business forms, commercial print, pharmaceutic inserts, etc.

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