NVC Topical meeting Legal protection of packaging - trademarks, designs and patents

For the consumer the shape of the packaging, the colours and the graphical design are often the cues for recognising a product on the shelf in a supermarket. Competitors regularly try to benefit from the success of a certain brand by using packaging that closely resembles the packaging of the successful brand in shape and use of colours.

Registering a trademark or design for packaging can be important for protecting your brand, whether you are a producer of packaged products or a packaging supplier. When is it worthwhile to apply for a patent and how can you use patent information from other companies to your own benefit? What can you do against copycats from China?

Peter van Essen is a patent attorney and co-founder of the patent firm ELLENS & VAN ESSEN. Erwin Haüer is a trademark attorney and senior partner at Knijff Trademark Attorneys. They will discuss these questions during this NVC Topical meeting and, of course, any other questions that you might have about trademarks, design, patents and packaging.