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The NVC Members-only Update (MOU) is a unique service, provided on a monthly basis, for those with a professional need for an up-to-date global overview of packaging developments. The MOU supports you in taking optimal business decisions on packaging.


“I always appreciate the MOU, in a quarter of an hour it gives me an overview of all the interesting and relevant developments in the packaging market. Also developments that I probably would not have noticed otherwise.” (Packaging Developer at a food company)

About MOU

  • Every first Thursday of the month by e-mail
  • Bilingual (English and Dutch)
  • 80 articles in each edition
  • Carefully selected reliable information
  • Great accessibility, concise overview:

    - Production and (retail) logistics
    - Market and marketing
    - Consumer and behaviour
    - Materials and material technologies
    - Legislation and regulations: (food)contact materials, product information, pharma, dangerous goods   environment
    - Human Resources Management
  • Links to background information like reports, articles and legislative texts
  • NVC members can give their feedback and they can contact NVC about the information for help in understanding it in the context of their own situation.
  • Exclusive and free for NVC members

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Do you also want to be up-to-date every month in packaging?
Please contact me. I can be reached via h.crowe@nvc.nl or +31-(0)182-512411.

Helen Crowe