Where to go with the packaging recycling in the Netherlands 2023-2027?

NVC members meeting

10 October 2022
Live Online
3-5 PM CET

The collection, sorting and processing of emptied packaging in the Netherlands is entering a turbulent period. Ten years ago (in 2013), the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) was introduced in combination with a compulsory industry remittance to the Dutch Packaging Waste Fund Foundation (Afval Fonds Verpakkingen AFV). The situation is now up for review. Specifically, the AFV has submitted a preliminary application for a renewed General Binding Declaration (Algemeen Verbindend verklaring AVV) for the next five years: 2023-2027. As NVC, we maintain contacts with politicians, civil servants in policy making and control, and of course the AFV Foundation in this context.

In this meeting we will look at the past and the (desired) future together with the NVC member companies based on a 'kick-off presentation'. Together, we will try to answer the following questions:

● What exactly does the AFV Foundation's final application for the Generally Binding Declaration look like? For example, what does it say about future tariffs? Can we agree to this or is it desirable to submit additional comments to the decision-making process done by the Ministry?

● How does AFV Foundation justify its proposed business rates and what is the forecast for the next five years?

● How do the costs to be paid to the AFV Foundation or a similar organisation in the years 2023-2027 relate to the recycling or environmental objectives pursued?

The meeting starts at 3PM CET and is Live Online. You can therefore join from any location.
Register here or contact the NVC association office at info@nvc.nl or phone +31-(0)182-512411