Packaging innovation, health care and the ageing world society theme in Live Online NVC Café

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On 16 September 2022 the theme is Packaging innovation, health care and the ageing world society.

Everyone should be able to use packaging safely, comfortably and with satisfaction, regardless of their age, perceptual and cognitive ability, level of physical functioning, language and culture.

Ageing (the increase in the average age of people living) is essential to achieving a stable world population that lives in health and prosperity, with a good life expectancy and in balance with the Earth. This 'sustainable ageing' by definition leads to a relative increase in people with reduced ability and functionality in the use of packaged products. In short: packaged products around the world will be used by more and more 'frail' people.

The activity of packaging is defined as the temporary integration of an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. It is easy to see from the above that the external functions performed by packaging must, as far as possible, meet the needs of a sustainably ageing world population. Innovation in general and Design for Intended Use in particular are key to this and NVC stimulates developments wherever possible. This Live Online NVC Café gives an overview and provides input for setting the course for the coming years.


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Michael Nieuwesteeg
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