NVC Seminar Sustainable employability of workers in the packaging industry (Live Hybrid)

Thursday 24 June 2021


On 24 June 2021, the NVC seminar Sustainable employability of employees in the packaging industry will take place. The event is free to attend and you can participate from any location worldwide. There are a limited number of places available for physical participation in the NVC Live Hybrid Auditorium in Gouda. Register directly via the registration button or contact the NVC association office via info@nvc.nl and phone +31-(0)182-512411.



Because of Corona or in spite of it: the labour market is changing rapidly. No less than 17% of the working Dutch population fears that they will no longer be relevant on the labour market in the future, according to development organisation Lepaya based on research carried out in cooperation with Panelwizard. Although 92% of the employees indicate that they currently have all the necessary skills to do their current job properly, 42% fear that these skills will no longer be relevant in 20 years' time.

A recent PwC survey (tellingly titled Hopes and Fears 2021) of 32,500 workers in 19 countries paints a picture of a global workforce that sees the shift to remote working brought about by COVID19 as just the tip of the iceberg. More than half of the workforce fears that automation will put many jobs at risk; 48% think that "traditional work will no longer be there in the future" and 39% think it is likely that their job will be obsolete within five years.

Then there is the ageing population or the raising of the pensionable age. In the Netherlands, this is now around 67 years for the state pension (AOW) and the fact that these and more private pensions are becoming less and less stable in value, leads to an extra drive to actually keep working longer. But is this still feasible in the face of increasing work pressure and advancing technological and organisational developments?



NVC also supports the interests of the member companies regarding the continued employability of their employees. Specifically, this involves supporting methods and techniques to ensure that the required skills, knowledge and expertise continue to meet the changes imposed by the market. The adjustment of functions or the facilitation of development programmes for employees in the field of packaging can also be important in this respect. This unique seminar takes stock of the current situation and discusses what should and could be done in the coming years to keep knowledge workers in the packaging industry deployable in a sustainable way. Given the impact of the laws and regulations, we focus mainly on the Dutch economy and society. By the packaging industry, we mean all companies with an interest in or activities related to packaging.



13.00 Welcome and introduction
Michael Nieuwesteeg (NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre)

13.10 The importance of career guidance in packaging
Robert Krauts (DS Smith, Paper Division, Netherlands)

Adressed will be the perspective of the packaging industry (in this case that of a leading global packaging supplier), innovation and the need for staff with the right knowledge, attitude and skills in the field of packaging and lst but not least the different modalities of development on and around the workfloor.

13.30 Optimally keeping up with NVC Live Hybrid Learning
Oscar Faber (NVC Education and Training)

At the same time as the enormous growth of online working due to the COVID pandemic, the need for continuous training and retraining of staff has become evident. A significant innovation in this area is Live Hybrid Learning. This method allows the business student to choose whether to be physically present in real time or to follow the lesson in real time or later.  NVC is now implementing this for two key courses for the global packaging business: the NVC Course Programme in Packaging (CPP) and the NVC Introduction Course  Packaging (ICP).


14.30 Financially fit to the finish line
Martin Zigterman (Financial Collective)

For older employees, it is important to reach the finishing line as fit as possible and to retire in good health. The finishing line can be at 67, but often employees also want to gradually scale down their work until they reach retirement age. Conversely, financial insecurity is often a reason for older employees to continue working, which can lead to (long-term) absenteeism. We also discuss the size of the effects based on an absenteeism scan.
In this presentation, we use practical examples from the packaging industry to elaborate on the state of affairs and look at solutions (savings and returns) that keep both the company and the employee optimally competitive and/or deployable. The Financial Insight working method of Financieel Collectief is central to this.

15.00 Discussion, conclusions and conclusion