NVC-GS1 Think tank: Coding of retail packaging for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

During the last annual meeting of the NVC international working group Web Retail Packaging on 17 September 2021 the working group decided to have a meeting to create a working plan for the upcoming coding of retail packaging as part of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). The meeting takes place on 27 January 2022 from 3 to 4 PM, Live Online.

From January 2023 on, (also) retailers will have to report the constituents of their packaging materials in line with the EU Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements (with other world regions possibly following suit). Proper coding of the different materials is key to achieving the environmental goals without crashing the administrative ERP systems. NVC and GS1 have joined forces in a concise think tank to address the topic.

If you are interested register directly via the registration button.