67th NVC GMM: Packaging in the year 2080

NVC was founded in 1953, so in 2020 we will celebrate our 67th anniversary. The General Meeting of Members  (GMM) 2020 will take place on Thursday 5 November 2020 and as every year it combines two consecutive meetings: the Statutory Meeting and the Theme Event.

The Statutory Meeting - 1-2 PM CET

The Statutory Meeting (1-2 PM CET) is entirely Live Online. This means that NVC members can participate from any location, without travelling. The Statutory Meeting is members-only. Click here to register.

The Theme Event - 4.30-6 PM CET

For the Theme Event (4.30-6 PM CET) we are inspired by the 30th edition of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot. The first edition of this biennial competition took place over sixty years ago and the next thirty editions make us look 30x2=60 years ahead. In short: this year's Theme Event is about packaging in the year 2080!

International NVC working groups - 3.00-4.00 PM CET

Not only can the live stream of the meeting be followed free of charge by anyone working at an NVC member company anywhere in the world, but prior to the event (3.00-4.00 PM CET) you can also join one of five international NVC working groups that will discuss packaging now and in the future actually live in the meeting....

The five working groups are:

Intelligent Design, Manufacturing and Retail
How are the production, distribution and recycling of packaged products automated in 2080?

Life Long Learning
What do the effective education programmes, workshops and courses look like in the year 2080?

Environment and New Materials 
How did we solve the environmental problems of the period 1960-2020?

The Ageing Consumer
How does packaging support the three billion elderly people who now live in the world?

Information Management and Legislation
How does the world community share reliable information in the year 2080?

The Theme Event is also members-only, but as always there is room for special participants by invitation.
Register here to follow the Livestream.
Send an e-mail to info@nvc.nl if you would like to participate in one of the live working groups.

See you in the future of packaging on 5 November 2020!