Meeting of Working Group PUMA-O (Online)

In the PUMA (Packaging Upcyclable Materials Accelerator) project, more than fifty NVC member companies work together to end packaging as an environmental issue in the next decade, so in the years 2017-2026. Following-up on the successful PUMA kick-off in 29 March 2017, three working groups have been formed, each with its specific task to be completed before the next annual plenary meeting. PUMA-L addresses the legislative and regulatory framework, PUMA-O addresses the organisational aspects and PUMA-T focuses on the existing and future technologies. In the follow-up meetings we’ll discuss what can contribute to the PUMA goal; what exists, what is upcoming and what should be? The PUMA-L, PUMA-O and PUMA-T working groups meet by web conference, so without the need to travel. The annual plenary meeting takes place in an inspiring venue, for everybody to share their insights and ‘to shake hands’ physically.

All NVC member companies are invited to actively participate in PUMA. The next PUMA annual plenary meeting will take place on 4 April 2018.

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