Bulk handling of components for pack-fill operations

Bulk handling of components for pack-fill operations

Monday 28 September 2020, 3-5PM CEST
NVC Live Online webinar



Packaging is the activity of temporarily integrating an external function and a product to enable the use of the product. The world 'does it' 320,000 times per second, which results in the same number of packs emptied per second, albeit later in time and at a different location from where they were filled.

NVC (founded in 1953) is the association of companies addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products. The NVC membership, projects, information services and education programme stimulate the continuous improvement of packaging.

This unique webinar addresses the challenges involved when supplying packaging components to the location where it actually all happens: the pack-fill line. In particular those areas are covered where flexibility,  variability and quality all have to be optimised under strict process conditions: preforms, caps and closures as well as (small-sized) bottles and (lightweight) pots, trays and tubs.

How is the materials flow in these packaging component categories arranged best from supplier to the pack-fill organisation that is using the components?

The webinar is Live Online, so participation is possible from any place, without the need to travel. Nevertheless it is fully interactive, with live speakers and with optimum Q&A by the support from the advanced NVC education and training studio in the NVC association office in Gouda, The Netherlands.


General introduction of the topic, the speakers and the participants
Michael Nieuwesteeg, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

Opening lecture: Bulk container design for the high-quality and reliable supply of packaging components to pack-fill lines
Sarah De Doncker, senior customer solutions manager at CHEP Inbound Solutions

The environment: The role of bulk containersin the circular economy
Filip Vangeel, Manager Circular Economy at Valipac Belgium

The PUMA MANIFESTO and its application to bulk container design
Michael Nieuwesteeg, NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre

Interactive debate between the participants, supported from the NVC Live Online education and training studio in Gouda, The Netherlands


Participation is NVC members-only or on invitation.