NVC activities during packaging exhibition Macropak 2014

During the Benelux packaging exhibition Macropak, NVC welcomes you at the NVC stand 02C020 at the entrance of hall 2. You can visit the exhibition and deSIGN with a free entrance ticket, click here to register.

NVC stand – your operating base
The NVC stand is the ideal operating base for your day at the Macropak. Make it the meeting place for your appointments: we will take care of an effective location with a cup coffee and Dutch delicacies.

Finalists Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot 2014
De Gouden Noot  is the world’s most competitive packaging innovation contest. You can admire the finalists of the 2014 edition at the NVC stand. The winner will be announced during the 10th NVC Packaging Innovation Dinner which will be held on 30 September 2014, the first evening of the Macropak packaging exhibition.

NVC Walk-in Seminars
NVC will organise daily Walk-in Seminars at the NVC Theatre in hall 2. These seminars are open for visitors and exhibitors from Macropak and focus on current packaging topics.

NVC deSIGN                                                   
The communicative aspects of the package and  the related marketing and design activities are highlighted at deSIGN. Get inspiration on new ways to add (additional) emotional value to packages and packaged products, to enhance the product experience and possibly even to give a personal signature to each packaged product. deSIGN takes place on Wednesday morning October 1st and Thursday afternoon October 2nd at the Macropak deSIGN centre in hall 2.

Education in packaging, Information services and Member projects
Students and those responsible for packaging education within their company can meet the NVC crew for more information about the (online) education in packaging. For more information, please contact Antje Augustinus.

You can also get more information about the NVC Information services and have a look at several editions.

If you would like to know more about the NVC Member projects, or you would like to share an idea for a project with other NVC-members or a topical meeting you can always share this with Ger Standhardt.

Extra exposure online, before and during the Macropak
We offer additional sales support for our members exhibiting on the Macropak. NVC members can advertise and state their stand number in advance via the NVC Buyers’ Guide. During the Macropak itself, a hand-out from this Buyers’ Guide will be provided at the NVC stand (operating base for visitors), listing the member-exhibitors at the Macropak with all relevant info.
Search for company name 'Mycompetitor' in the Buyers' Guide for a demonstration profile or contact Charissa Koolen for more information.

Want to talk to the NVC staff?
Will you be visiting the Macropak and are there issues you want to discuss with us? Please contact us so we can schedule an appointment at the exhibition.

We look forward to meeting you in Utrecht at NVC stand 02C020!