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The Seal Inspector is an indispensable asset in the process of quality control. This machine checks sealed products on many topics, among others: the quality of the seal, the presence of expiration date, and barcode labels. If a sealed package does not meet the criteria set, this might cause expensive claims. This situation is more and more common because of the consumer demands/legislator.

The automatic inspection ensures:

  1. Food safety by inspecting the seal on leaks, a correct label (important for gluten-free food) 
  2. A correct cash register (POS) transaction because of a readable barcode.

The Seal Inspector III (3rd generation of this family of machines) has a Fiber-Tech body. Because these materials can be easily processed, we are able to make - even with small batches - a machine that closes perfectly, have round shapes that guarantees dirt easily to be removed. The Fiber-Tech casing (a plastic hybrid) is shockproof and perfectly suitable in an industrial food environment where hygiene, corrosion resistance and robustness are of key importance .

Since the Seal Inspector is often added into an existing production line, the footprint of the machine is as small as possible. 
As an independent part of the production line, the SI can execute a 100% inspection until 60m/min, approx. 180 products per minute.

The system is able to be operated in a very simple way The operator only needs to confirm and no settings other than changing the dates need to be done. . 

The customers' quality system can use the reporting tools that generate data for OE calculations (overall efficiency) to optimize the production process.