Container Centralen Benelux BV

Address Neptunusstraat 71-93
Postcode / City 2132 JP HOOFDDORP
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)23-5544020
Fax +31-(0)23-5544029

Container Centralen is an independant service provider in the logistics of oad carriers in both Retail and horticulture supply chains. CC makes standardised load carriers available for its customers where and when they want. nbesides that CC offers a wide range of services related to its load carriers.

the following load carriers are the assortment of CC:

  • CC Flower Containers
  • CC Eurocontainers
  • CC Roll containers
  • CC Minitainers
  • CC Dollies and CC Eurodollies
  • CC Rollies and CC Eurorollies
  • CBL Freshboxes in several sizes.