Clondalkin Group

Address Jaarbeursplein 6 (Beatrixgebouw-JIM, 6th floor)
Postcode / City 3521 AL UTRECHT
Country The Netherlands
Phone +31-(0)88-4226911

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging is a global group that develops, manufactures and sells flexible and paper packaging materials. These materials are distributed to their customers in a number of different market segments such as food, dairy and the tobacco industry in 43 different countries.

Clondalkin Flexible Packaging is made up of 11 companies with production facilities in the USA and Europe. It employs more than 1,350 employees and has an annual turnover of approximately 400 million Euros. In recent years Clondalkin Flexible Packaging has invested heavily in modern high-quality production equipment in the areas of extrusion, printing and lamination to meet the increasingly complex requirements of its customers.

In the Netherlands, Clondalkin Flexible Packaging has the following subsidiaries:

Cats Flexible Packaging t/as Clondalkin Flexible Packaging, Rotterdam,

Flexoplast t/as Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Harlingen,

LPF Flexible Packaging t/as Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Grootegast,

Nimax t/as Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Elst,

Vaassen Flexible Packaging t/as Clondalkin Flxible Packaging Vaassen.

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