Finalist De Gouden Noot 2018 - Stackpack

The problems of a regular carton topseal tray can easily be solved by the Stackpack. The topseal film shrinks after topsealing. Therefore the film pulls the carton seal-flanks up. Also the memory of the carton board pulls the flanks up again. The tension of the topfilm is gone when these flanks go up and the pack does not look good anymore. When you stack these packs the goods will damage. Besides that the seal-flanks of a carton tray need to be connected. Nowadays they use a special and expensive custom made machine to glue the flanks in the corners. The corners of the flanks from the Stackpack will be automaticly connected during topsealing. The flanks on the long side have a recess in the corner. The short flanks fit in this recess to create a flat flank without differences in thickness (like a regular carton tray). The Stackpack can be produced on a regular conical glueing machine like Heiber & Schröder with high speed and topsealed on a regular machine. Therefore it is cheaper and easy to use.

Registrant: Zalpak & Straatman

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