Finalist De Gouden Noot 2018 - Hot2Home Fry Cup

The new Hot2Home™ Fry Cup is made of folding carton board. The Hot2Home™ pack has a standing, tapered shape with a curved bottom that enables the fries to have an open stack in the pack to allow air to flow through the stack of fries. A pattern with holes has been made in the sides and the lid of the pack to provide optimal ventilation. Because of the specific design of the holes in the sides and the lid, the cup works like a chimney that helps to remove the moisture released by the fries in such a way that the fries stay crispy and warm for 20 minutes. The shape of the holes has been derived from the logo of LambWeston and creates the link between the pack and the owner of the design. The graphical design is quite neutral, but can be changed according to the specific wishes of the customers of LambWeston. The functioning and design have been validated through consumer research that showed that consumers associated the shape of the Hot2Home cup with fries.

Registrant: Plato Product Consultants

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