Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 ROLLOR Express

ROLLOR Express

The Rollology® technology is based on two scientific principles to prevent fabrics from creasing: eliminate folds and at the same time eliminate pressure. In order to do so, we roll up the garments (no folds), with an accompanying edge (no pressure). It is easy to understand it when you think about the difference between folding a paper in comparison to rolling it. In the latter no creases arise. Because of this system the packaged clothes can be worn right away: it is not necessary to iron them before wearing them.

The ROLLOR Express is the first packaging in the world that enables you to transport your clothes or garments crease free! It is compact and practical in use, and according to ROLLOR also stylish. The technique is widely applicable for all kinds of clothes or garments: suits, ties, dresses, etc. Judging from reactions of users and resellers it has the potential of becoming the new standard of transporting clothes.

Registrant: ROLLOR
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