Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 Multipack crate

Multipack crate

This is a crate equipped with a moveable partition. Multi-packs can be packed fully automised in the crate as the partition is pushed down at moment of filling. After the crate is unpacked at the retailer the partition automatically moves up and is ready to be used for empty bottles to be sent back to the brewery, fully protecting the empty bottles against breakage. This crate meets the demands of the market for smaller packaging for returnable bottles. The crate can be used as a point of sales display.

This innovation is the result of the collaboration between AB InBev and Schoeller Allibert. It is an innovation because it is new in the market. By using materials with the best properties we were able to fulfil the market needs. Foamed polypropylene is used to get the right stacking strength; the stainless steel spring maintains functionality during product lifetime. The in-mould label cannot be polluted with stickers, because these do not stick on the label - this ensures that the branding is always clean at point of sales.

Registrant: Schoeller Allibert
For more information, please contact Henk-Jan Regeling of Schoeller Allibert (+31-(0)523288746) or Bert Cremer of AB-InBev (+31-(0)622410844).

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