Finalist De Gouden Noot 2014 Bluebag


The Bluebag is the only paper carrier bag that is glued on both sides, as opposed to only at the bottom. Thanks to its innovative design the Bluebag is superior to 'regular' paper bags on all fronts, not only on account of its minimalist ecological footprint but also with a view to the logistics-related advantages it presents. Bluebags take up only 50% of the space conventional paper bags do, not only with regard to storage and transport, but also at sales outlets. The exterior of the bag is ideally suited for printing - in up to six colours using automatic UV Flexo printing techniques. The carrier bag is available in various models, such as a sealable gift bag and a special web shop bag that is available with punched-in or loop handles (optional). Or, if you need a bag that can contain heavier items or is water-resistant, the Bluebag is also available in sturdy, water-repellent stone paper.

The Bluebag features a number of easily explained and understood advantages. It can be used in a wide range of applications and is available in many different models and sizes (up to 80cm wide and 35cm wide at the bottom). The innovative aspect of this bag is that it is the first to be designed and produced in this way. Neither the environmental benefits nor the practical advantages for the retailer require a lot of explanation.

Registrant: Moonen Packaging
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