NVC General Meeting of Members 2022 - Register now!

Our association was founded on 28 April 1953 and so the next General Meeting of Members (GMM), on Thursday 17 November 2022, we will celebrate our 69th anniversary.

As every year, the GMM combines two consecutive meetings: the Statutory Meeting and the Thematic Meeting.

Statutory Meeting (1-2 PM CET) – members only
The Statutory Meeting (annual report, changes of the board, budget 2023) is members-only.

Thematic Meeting Packaging Innovation (3-5 PM CET)
The Thematic Meeting starts exactly at 3.00 PM CET and promises to be a globally unique event. The theme of the meeting is packaging innovation, with the 31st edition of our packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot setting the tone.
The winners of the Gold, the Silver and the Bronze will be present, as well as the other seven finalists. We will start with an inspiring debate about everything that makes successfully innovating in packaging so fascinating, but also so difficult. Afterwards, there will be ample opportunity to exchange knowledge about current developments and, of course, to make plans together for the winning packaging innovations of the future!

After-party (5-6:30 PM CET)
After the Thematic Meeting, there will be an after-party with drinks and snacks from 5-6:30 PM CET at the Best Western Hotel in Gouda.

Practical information
The format is Live Hybrid. You can participate together with other NVC members at the Best Western Hotel in Gouda nearby the NVC association office or you can actively participate live online from any other location. There are no costs involved.