CibusTec Forum 2022 with NVC on food design and packaging innovation (Parma, Italy)

Meet NVC at stand Pavillion 07-08 stand E 025
On 25-26 October 2022 the CibusTec Forum will take place in Parma, Italy. NVC is proud to be partner in the field of food design and packaging innovation with special focus on the winners of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot 2022, the growing role of the PUMA MANIFESTO for packaging and environment and the latest on food packaging design developments in Italy and abroad. NVC member-visitors as well as member-exhibitors will be assisted during the show via the NVC infostand, located at Pavillion 07-08 stand E 025.

Food packaging design and engineering
Join the debate at the conferences and contact thought leading food packaging designer and engineer mrs Silvia d’Alesio during the two days at or around the NVC stand given above. Silvia holds a BSc. in Food Sciences and Technology and earned her MSc. degree in the International EU Erasmus Programme MSc. on Food Innovation and Product Design, conducting the research as part of the NVC team in Gouda, the Netherlands.


Winners of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot 2022
The background information of the winner of the Gold, Silver and Bronze in packaging innovation Award De Gouden Noot 2022 will be shared, together with that of the other seven finalists. 

The PUMA MANIFESTO and the environment
The PUMA MANIFESTO is now available in eight languages (Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portugese, Chinese, English and Dutch). It’s role in shaping the future  of the packaging and environmental debate in Europe and worldwide will be highlighted at the CibusTec Forum in the run-up to the World PUMA Conference that will be held on 3 May 2023. 

Before and during the show, do not hesitate to contact NVC at or telephone +31-(0)182-512411
Seeyou in Parma!