Finalist De Gouden Noot 2016 - Helix

Helix combines a glass bottle, with an internal thread glass finish in the neck of the bottle, with an ergonomically designed cork closure. This ensures that the bottle remains sealed. You can easily open and reseal the bottle. While unscrewing the cork you hear the distinctive "pop". Helix is a wine packaging solution for the popular premium, fast moving wine segment.

O-I, the world leader in glass packaging, and Amorim, the world leader in cork stoppers, worked on this innovation for four years. Both innovative companies built on centuries of experience they have gained in the wine market.

This innovation combines all the benefits of glass and cork: quality, sustainability and a premium image with the ease of use and convenience of a resealable bottle. The current filling lines of wineries can easily and quickly be adapted to use this solution.

A corkscrew is no longer needed to open a wine bottle that has a cork stopper. You can just unscrew the cork by hand and then you hear the distinctive 'pop' sound. Thanks to the internal glass thread finish in the neck of the bottleneck, you can also screw the cork back in. The wine bottles are thus easy to open and reseal.

Registrant: Owens-Illinois

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