Winner De Gouden Noot 2016 - FLEXA Creations Color Testers

The new FLEXA Creations Color Testers are the most convenient way for consumers to try and see the real paint color on their home's walls. The testers are available in a range of many different shades, with each pack containing 30 ml of paint. Unique is the integrated paint roller that ensures mess free and easy application and a truly representative result. And with its colorful and unique design it is truly distinctive to any other paint tester in the market. With 30% of consumers struggling to visualize how a color will look like on their wall this product makes it the safest and easiest way to find the exact paint color, enabling consumers to make confident color choice.

The starting point was different for each market (some countries already had a wet tester with a brush). Besides that all markets have considerable differences regarding retail environments, paint recipes and legal restrictions, which made it even more challenging to create a global solution. Despite this the design team succeeded to find one harmonized packaging standard that suits all markets thanks to a close collaboration with the client's international team and with a multi-disciplinary approach. The result: a truly unique packaging & paint innovation, suitable for online and offline sales, embraced by all AkzoNobel consumer brands (eg Dulux, Flexa, Dulux Valentine) keeping the brand one step ahead in a very competitive environment.

Registrant: FLEX/design

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